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Tough Toys

Do you have a dog that goes through toys frequently? I do too! I have found a few durable, good toys and brands that I absolutely can’t live without. I grew tired of continuously purchasing new toys, cleaning up the mess of stuffing, limbs and squeakers so I began trying different brands to see what would last longest. If it has lasted 6+ months in my household, I’ve added it to the list.

  1. Play Strong is one of my favorite brands! Above, Ozzie is pictured with a Play Strong bone with a braided rope in the middle. The red balls are always brought to me (or anyone entering my home) as a ‘greeting’. Why do we love this brand? The toys are made from an extremely hard rubber that has held up to persistent chewing. I came across one of the toys from this brand at Stop and Shop (go figure) and I will continue to purchase.

  2. KONG toys are great because of their versatility. I find that dogs will chew on the toy itself or I prefer to fill it with cookies, treats, peanut butter, yogurt or cheese spray. Alternatives are filling them up with dog food, dry and wet which is a fun and entertaining way to feed your dog! This brand makes large-sized toys and ‘extreme’ versions that are made to withstand substantial chewing. It keeps my boys happy and busy while also being mentally enriching, especially while I clean or have to run errands. I've only had 1 out of my 6 Kong's chewed apart, in the four+ years that I've owned it so I'm definitely getting my money's worth from these toys.

  3. Busy Buddy makes a toy called Twist ‘n Treat that I’ve found to be a great outlet for busy dogs. Not only does it provide them with a toy to chew on, but it's also a “brain game”. You can fill the toy up with treats, peanut butter or whatever else you would like, then you choose how big the opening is for the treats to fall out. The smaller the sides, the more they have to push the toy around to get the treats to fall out. This toy will keep your dog moving! I've been so happy with it since its challenging and also rewarding. After some chewing, Ozzie (my 80lb lab mix) was able to dent the top of the toy. Surprisingly, it still works fine and I’m very happy with the product! I will fill this with peanut butter, food then freeze it to have the dogs work a bit.

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