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About Us

Having a balance in your life is what everyone needs, right? That includes your dog's life too!


Kristin started The Balanced Dog LLC because of her compassion for dogs. From her experience owning and caring for dogs, including dogs with special needs, she understands the challenges pet owners face when caring for a furry family member. Every dog has his or her own unique personality, exercise and training requirements in order to live a happy life. We're a devoted team that loves all dogs and will treat your dog as if it were our own.

With The Balanced Dog, your dog will get an abundance of exercise, love and care. During the day, your dog will enjoy the company of other dogs or one-on-one time with a dog walker. We bring skill, patience, and enthusiasm to every walk, play group, or training session. With each service, we strive to provide exceptional care for your pet.

Where We Walk:
Natick, Wellesley, Wayland, and other surrounding towns

"Kristin has been walking and caring for our dog Jake since we brought him home. He is a black lab and full of energy. She is great with him, she doesn't just come and walk him, she spends time teaching him sit, fetch, stay and most of all playing well with others dogs. There are many days I have been home to witness the love, without a doubt Jake loves her. She is very dependable, flexible and affordable. We were thrilled when she was able to give us some more time. She is great at leaving us notes on what they have done during the time spent together. I highly recommend her, we love her as much as Jake does!!"

Sue and Donny,

Natick, MA

"Our 13 year old Mini Australian Shepherd had been suffering for a year with a neurological disorder that caused her front legs to collapse and her paws to knuckle under. Eventually it progressed to the point that she could no longer walk or get up on her own. That's when we began having Kristin come over daily to care for our beloved Sadie. I knew I could count on Kristin to be dependable, gentle and skilled at caring for Sadie. She took time to pet and brush her. She would change her doggie diaper and take her out in the yard, patiently waiting while she stood there in her harness. Kristin also kept me updated on how Sadie was doing. I highly recommend Kristin! She treated our Sadie like she was one of her own, with such loving kindness and patience."



Natick, MA

"Kristin has been walking our dog Guinness since Fall of 2016.  When we first met Kristin, we were new dog owners, and Guinness was a small puppy. I was a bit nervous leaving her at home during the day and turning over her care (and a house key) to someone I did not know. But from day one, Kristin was professional and knowledgeable, and we quickly knew that Guinness was in good hands. Kristin keeps us up to date on Guinness's adventures and sends photos so we know where she has been and what she has been doing. And since Guinness has been old enough to go on puppy playdates and longer walks and adventures with other dogs, we always come home to a happy, tired, content puppy.  Kristin knows how to work with and train dogs, and she is happy to practice commands and use the same techniques and language that we do. I believe Kristin was vital in providing consistency for Guinness while she was taking dog training classes, and I think Guinness is as well trained as she is because of the training Kristin did with her (and still does) on their walks.  Know that if you choose Kristin to walk your dog, you will have both a happy dog and peace of mind."


Lana and Richard,

Wellesley, MA

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