Our Services

Nature Hikes​ - $25

This is perfect for an active, social dog that needs more exercise than just a quick walk. For this service, we walk a group of on- and off-leash dogs together in a semi-enclosed area. To keep your dog(s) safe, groups will consist of only 3-4 friendly dogs. If you would like your dog off-leash, we ask that your dog has undergone training and has good name recall or is e-collar trained. Otherwise, your dog will be on a long leash that is between 10-20 feet long.


What we do:

  • Walk for one (1) hour and allow your dog to play with other friendly dogs and their walkers.

  • Explore outdoor areas where your dog has the freedom to sniff new surroundings, swim, and run around.

  • On average, we walk 2-2.5 miles per hour (sometimes more depending on pace).

+$10 for each additional dog

Pack Walks - $25

Pack Walks are similar to Nature Walks but in a more controlled environment. All dogs will be on a leash and the group will include around 3-4 dogs.


Recommended for:

  • Dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs, but don't necessarily need to play.

  • Dogs that are either nervous around other dogs or are picky with dogs, as this is a wonderful alternative to introduce your dog to other relaxed dogs.

+$10 for each additional dog

Not one size fits all - Every dog has different needs.
we're here to help you figure out what works best for your dog.
One-on-One Walks​ - Prices Below

This is a great option for a dog that needs time away from other dogs, has special needs, or has low energy. We understand that not every dog likes other dogs, and sometimes a walk and/or a potty break is all that is needed.

  • 20 minutes - $20

  • 30 minutes - $25

+$10 for each additional dog


Please let us know if your dog has special needs. We have experience with:

  • Senior dogs

  • Non-dog-friendly dogs

  • Dogs with epilepsy, anxiety, hip and joint issues, and paralysis

Pet Sitting or Boarding - Prices Below

Whether you are traveling or need some extra assistance with your dog, we're here to help. In order to book boarding, only crate-trained dogs will be accepted. This is non-negotiable as safety is our top priority.

  • Pet sitting (in your home) or boarding (in our home)

    • For Weekly Clients:

      • $60 per day

      • For two dogs, add $10 per day

      • For afternoon pick-up*, add $30

    • For Non-Weekly Clients:​

      • $70 per day​

      • For two dogs, add $25 per day

      • For afternoon pick-up*, add $40


*Hours: On the last date of boarding or pet sitting, please pick up your dog by 12 PM (for Pet Sitting, services are complete after 12 PM). If you require an afternoon pick-up time or need to extend pet sitting services past 12 PM, there will be an additional fee.

  • Holidays

    • Add $10 per day

    • Holidays include: MLK Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Patriots' Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday), Christmas/New Year’s Holiday Season (December 24th-25th, December 31st to January 2nd).​​​

Additional Services - Prices Below

We provide the following additional services for our weekly clients. If you need a service that is not listed, please feel free to reach out.

  • Multiple visits a day

    • Please call for prices​.

  • WALKS After hours

    • +$5 for walks after 4:00 PM​.

  • Drop-off and pick-up from groomers

    • $10 to drop off

    • $10 to pick up​​

Cat Care - Prices Below

While you're away, we can provide your cat with daily feedings and litterbox cleanings. We can also bring your mail and packages in at no added fee.

  • One visit per day $25​

  • Two visits per day $45

Dog Running