Our Services

Nature Hikes​

A combination of on and off-leash dogs that walk with other dogs in a semi-enclosed area. This is perfect for an active, social dog that needs more exercise than just a quick walk. To keep your dogs safe, groups will consist of only 3-4 friendly dogs. If you would like your dog off-leash, we ask that your dog has undergone training and has good recall. If not, then your dog will be on a long line that's between 10-20 feet long.


What we do:

  • Walk for one hour and allow your dog to play with other friendly dogs and their walkers 

  • Explore outdoor areas where your dog has freedom to sniff new surroundings, swim and run around

  • On average, we walk 2-2.5 miles per hour (sometimes more depending on pace)

Pack Walks

Similar to Nature Walks but in a more controlled environment. All dogs will be on leash and the group will include around three to four dogs. These walks will be more strict since I solely ask the dogs to coexist around each other.


Recommended for:

  • Dogs who enjoy the company of others but don't necessarily need to play

  • Dogs that are either nervous around other dogs or are picky with dogs, as this is a wonderful alternative to introduce your dog to other relaxed dogs

Not one size fits all - Every dog has different needs.
we're here to help you figure out what works best for your dog.
One-on-One Walks​

This is a great option for a dog that needs time for itself, away from other dogs, has special needs, or low energy. We completely understand that not every dog likes other dogs and sometimes a walk and/or a potty break is all that is needed.


Please let us know if your dog has special needs as well. We have experience with:

  • Senior dogs

  • Non dog-friendly dogs

  • Dogs with epilepsy, anxiety, hip and joint issues, and paralysis

Puppy Walks

Puppies require extra attention and we understand that this can be challenging for dog owners, especially with a busy work schedule. We can accommodate and provide multiple visits a day.


Let us help by providing your puppy with:

  • More frequent potty breaks

  • Play time to get out all that energy

  • Basic training and commands

  • Social introductions with one of our friendly pack members


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