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Dog Bite:

If your dog bites a walker, another human, or another dog, The Balanced Dog LLC has the right to terminate services immediately and permanently. We have a no-tolerance bite policy, whether it was intended or not. If your dog is under the weather or acting different in any manner, please let us know before we pick up your dog.


The Balanced Dog LLC is not responsible for any damage in the house (i.e. wet floors, wet couch, any destruction) as a result of your dog getting wet. If you have a dog who swims or doesn't dry quickly, we recommend having baby gates available that we can put up before we leave, a crate, or another form of confinement. We will towel dry your dog as best as possible, but some breeds have thicker coats that may take longer to dry.


Canceling on the day of your scheduled walk will result in a fee for the full price for that day's scheduled visit. We plan a route that's designed around when your dog(s) will be picked up and ask for 24 hours advance notice of any change.


Absent Dog:

If your walker arrives at the house and no dog is there, you will still be charged the full fee. If this happens on multiple occasions, we'll have to discuss this issue and develop a suitable resolution. 

Keys, House and Garage Codes:

The Balanced Dog LLC requires two house keys and/or Garage or Keypad codes. We ask for two keys so that your primary walker will have one and the other key will stay with your file - to be used in the event that we need another walker to replace your primary walker for a day. We do our best to keep you updated if there's a change in who is walking your dog. Please understand that in unforeseen circumstances, changes may impede our ability to provide advance notification but we will always try.



Your dog must be up-to-date with vaccinations and we require a copy (either email or printed) of the up-to-date list every time you have your vet visit. These records will be kept on file in case anything comes up and we need to refer to them. We cannot stress how important this is, as there are multiple illnesses that can be transferred to other dogs and humans very easily!  Your dog's health and safety are of the utmost importance to us.

Heartworm and Flea/Tick:

We require that your dog receives heartworm medication monthly and flea/tick treatment in warmer months (or year-round). The Balanced Dog LLC asks this in order to keep your pet, other dogs that your dog may come in contact with, and the people around it safe.

Special Needs:

While we do work with special needs animals, that should be addressed first and foremost. We strive to give your pet the best care possible and understand that we may have not dealt with certain illnesses. If your dog is on medication(s), please give us a list during the interview process. We are unable to administer medications but it is good information for us to know.

Inclement Weather:

On days where we have snowstorms, The Balanced Dog LLC will cancel all walks and will notify you. You will not be charged for cancellations due to inclement weather. On days that are extremely hot, services may be adjusted in location and/or shortened by 15 minutes to ensure your dog stays safe. Due to the risks associated with walking dogs in extreme conditions, the walk could be shortened but rates will remain the same.

Business Hours:

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. If you need a walk outside of these hours, contact us with at least 3 days' notice. On the General Information page (it's on the drop-down menu from Services) you will find the same list of these business hours along with Holidays that we are closed.

Liability and Safety Information:

The Balanced Dog LLC is insured and bonded through Kennel Pro. If you would like to view it, we have the Silver Package!

Service Area:

We primarily work in Natick, Wellesley, and Wayland. If you don't see your town, please reach out to see if we can accommodate you!

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