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Our Balancing Act

Routine exercise and mental stimulation are key ingredients for a happy dog. One cause of undesired behavior in dogs is excess, unused energy. By combining regular walks, playtime, socialization and training, your canine friend can achieve a balanced and healthy life.

With The Balanced Dog, your dog will get an abundance of exercise, love and care. During the day, your dog will enjoy the company of other dogs or just his or her walker. We bring skill, patience, and enthusiasm to every walk or play group. We are insured and bonded by KennelPro.

What We Offer

Below is an overview of our services. Every dog requires a different amount of exercise, please let us know how we can adjust to your needs. ​

Let your dog experience life unleashed.

A workout and social meet-up all in one.

Perfect for dogs that are

less social or have

special needs.

Mental and physical activity to enrich your pup.

What Our Clients Say

"Kristin has been walking and caring for our dog Jake since we brought him home...She is very dependable, flexible and affordable..."

Sue and Donny

Natick, MA

We pride ourselves in providing reliable and caring services for our clients and their furry family members. Here is what clients of The Balanced Dog have to say!

Visit the About Us page to read the full testimonials.

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